Interview with Dr. Rodrigues – 2019 Observership in Emergency Medicine


Talk with Daniel 6/19/2019

What can you tell us about emergency medicine in Brazil and how does it compare to here in LA?

One of the main differences is that in Brazil, ED physicians have a shift where they ride with the ambulance service.  Every time the ambulance is dispatched a doctor goes along. Our shifts in Brazil alternate between seeing patients in the ED and working on the ambulance services. Other than this, the overall feel of the ED is very similar. I would say it is very similar to my experience here in the ED at Olive View-UCLA.  The patients are very appreciative and that’s how it generally is in Brazil.

Tell us a little about your observership program.

My observership program is an international health observership program through UCLA that pairs physicians from outside the U.S. with doctors at UCLA hospitals for clinical observation. I have been observing Emergency Physicians at Olive View-UCLA and Ronald Reagan UCLA medical center. I was also given the opportunity to see LAC-USC medical center.  This program has been very amazing.

What did you gain from this experience that you plan to take back to the ED in Brazil?

What I have noticed is that the ED’s here in LA are very organized. This is something that I will definitely take back to Brazil.  I will present the idea of how things run over here and try to implement some of this in the emergency departments back in Brazil so the ED can run more smoothly.

How has your experience been in Los Angeles so far?

I love the atmosphere in LA, everything is so fast paced and there’s so many things to do. I also really enjoy the weather, how it gets cold at night and in the mornings but then it gets warm in the day. Another thing that I noticed is that supermarkets here have a ton of diversity. There are 10 different brands for a single type of product. There is so much to choose from. There are also many different cultures here and that also makes it very interesting.