Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve emergency healthcare capacity in Latin America through education, system organization, and improved access to technologies.


Our vision is that emergency practitioners of all levels, in countries throughout Latin America, will have the training and resources to provide the highest level of patient care in emergency situations. This includes the entire continuum of emergency care including lay providers responding in their communities, first responders in the pre-hospital setting, and teams of professionals working in emergency departments and in-patient hospital wards.

Guiding Principles

  1. Build capacity through education, system support, and introduction of technologies to empower local practitioners to provide high quality emergency care.
  2. Create programming driven by the needs identified by local practitioners.
  3. Assure that all programming is language and resource appropriate to the local healthcare environment.
  4. Measure outcomes for all initiatives to assess impact and drive future decision-making.
  5. Work as partners with local academic and governmental healthcare institutions so as to strengthen existing systems.